Dump with Paris Benji Madden Felt Fine

After dump with Paris Hilton don't making benji Madden stress. Until now, situation personnel of band Good Charlotte is still good, and said Benji brother, Joel Madden.

Paris and benji announced they have dumped on Thursday (19/11) and then, plus another confirmation of Paris itself, which states that the relationship they are entering the stage of life.

However, all is not likely to bring benji for depression. Joel interviewed Access Hollywood revealed, "benji is a good man and he will be better and Paris as well. They all will be OK."

"I have not thought that anyone who read the news will say, 'Oh God! What will be done benji?' or 'What will Paris do? "

"That benji. He is doing the best when he was with someone, to adapt to any relationship they will do. she is very strong, she also does not judge. she can accept everything," said Joel again.

"Paris is not foreign to us. He has been friends with Nicole since long, and we will not see them again. So I think any decision they, for the good of all. benji is doing well," Joel said ....