Beyoncé Knowles delay own Children

Beyoncé KnowlesBeyoncé Knowles pleaded not thought to have children. it movie stars and singers feel this trauma when her view Her younger sister, Solange birth. He shudder to see the pain that is felt by his brother.

Initially, the wife of rapper Jay-z reject this female relatives that accompany the birth. However, the younger brother forces so that he rejects no power.

"I have to ask my sister, because I'm afraid this will cause a sense of trauma in myself and in fact it is true. I am very afraid of facing it," Beyonce said, as quoted from Contactmusic, Thursday (13/11/2008).

Not only that, Beyonce also not yet feel ready to become a mother. He still wants to focus on with his career first.

"I do not want to hurry because the children have still many things that I need to do," She Said