Dump with Paris Benji Madden Felt Fine

After dump with Paris Hilton don't making benji Madden stress. Until now, situation personnel of band Good Charlotte is still good, and said Benji brother, Joel Madden.

Paris and benji announced they have dumped on Thursday (19/11) and then, plus another confirmation of Paris itself, which states that the relationship they are entering the stage of life.

However, all is not likely to bring benji for depression. Joel interviewed Access Hollywood revealed, "benji is a good man and he will be better and Paris as well. They all will be OK."

"I have not thought that anyone who read the news will say, 'Oh God! What will be done benji?' or 'What will Paris do? "

"That benji. He is doing the best when he was with someone, to adapt to any relationship they will do. she is very strong, she also does not judge. she can accept everything," said Joel again.

"Paris is not foreign to us. He has been friends with Nicole since long, and we will not see them again. So I think any decision they, for the good of all. benji is doing well," Joel said ....

Beyoncé Knowles delay own Children

Beyoncé KnowlesBeyoncé Knowles pleaded not thought to have children. it movie stars and singers feel this trauma when her view Her younger sister, Solange birth. He shudder to see the pain that is felt by his brother.

Initially, the wife of rapper Jay-z reject this female relatives that accompany the birth. However, the younger brother forces so that he rejects no power.

"I have to ask my sister, because I'm afraid this will cause a sense of trauma in myself and in fact it is true. I am very afraid of facing it," Beyonce said, as quoted from Contactmusic, Thursday (13/11/2008).

Not only that, Beyonce also not yet feel ready to become a mother. He still wants to focus on with his career first.

"I do not want to hurry because the children have still many things that I need to do," She Said

Angelina Jolie got pregnant

Angelina JolieAngelina Jolie pregnant again. Jolie called want to add a new family member. When the gossip is confirmed, the artist lips directly refutes this section.

"News is not correct," said the spokesperson Jolie, Geyer Kosinski, as quoted Digital Spy, Thursday (13/11/2008).

From the relationship with Brad Pitt, Jolie have three children, namely Shiloh Nouvel and the twin Knox and Vivienne. In addition, couples who are not bound by marriage also has three foster children namely Maddox, Zahara, and Pax.

Tomb Raider star had said the presence of these children to bring a new spirit in his life.

mitch mitchell drummer for jimi hendrix dies

Mitch Mitchell, drummer for Jimi Hendrix Experience, passed away early this morning, at the age of 61 or 62. Interestingly, Mitchell had just finished a tour which involved Chris Layton, who was in Double Trouble. (Side Note: You know you’ve led a rock and roll life if they don’t know how old you are.)

Mitchell, whose innovative drumming was regarded as a crucial component of the Hendrix-led group's success, was discovered in the early hours of Wednesday at his hotel room, a county coroner's office spokesman told US media.

No cause of death was immediately available, but a statement on the official Jimi Hendrix website run by the late guitarist's estate said Mitchell died from natural causes.

"We're all devastated to hear of Mitch's passing," Janie Hendrix, chief executive of Experience Hendrix said. "He was a wonderful man, a brilliant musician and a true friend. His role in shaping the sound of the Jimi Hendrix Experience cannot be underestimated."

Mitchell had just completed an 18-city tour of the United States with Experience Hendrix, a concert series featuring guest performers playing tributes to the 1960s group's music.

"Over the course of the recent tour (Mitch) seemed delighted with the interchange with the other musicians and the audiences. There is no question that he was doing what he loved," Janie Hendrix added.

Jimi Hendrix died in mysterious circumstances in London in 1970 at the age of 27, cutting short a ground-breaking rock career notable for his extraordinary guitar sound on albums "Are You Experienced" and "Electric Ladyland."